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The 10 Lost tribes ...
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The 10 Lost tribes of Israel and their modern identities

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Reuben = France (was supposed to be the greatest of the Tribes like England and currently USA. Reuben the son of Abraham did a sexual sin so he lost that inheritance and it went to Joseph instead.)
Simeon and Levi is scattered among the other
Gad = Switzerland
Napthali = Sweden
Dan = Ireland and a portion of Denmark that mixed within the other Israelite nations
("Denmark" is pronounced and written as "Danmark" in Danish and Norwegian. "mark" means "field" in our language. So it's really "Danfield" translated correctly into English. a field is an area of land so "Danfield" tells us that Denmark is the piece of land that belongs to the Tribe of Dan. You also have many companies starting with Dan in Denmark because of this. A quick search of google maps will show you this.)
Zebulun = Netherlands
Issachar = Finnland
Asher = Belgium and Luxembourg
Manasseh is mainly in the United States of America  

Ephraim = British colonies like England, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and parts of South Africa
Benjamin = Norway and Island
(Benjamin was the warrior tribe and Norwegians were Vikings, Danish and Swedes were also Vikings but Norway is the fewest in population so it fits the description of Benjamin best. Norway has the biggest oil fields in Europe as a blessing from God since Benjamin received gold from Joseph his brother mentioned in the book of Genesis, so Benajmin was richer than his other brothers in that sense except for Joseph. Joseph had two children who were Ephraim and Manasseh that became two separate tribes.
These twelve tribes who were twelve brothers in the book of Genesis had 4 different mothers. Joseph himself had the same mother as Benjamin making them full-blood brothers and that is most likely why we saw a strong alliance between England, USA and Norway in World War 2. Island is positioned between his brothers USA and England so he is safe and well.)


"Many gentile nations (gentiles are those of non-Israelitish backgrounds) have mingled in these same countries, particularly in major metropolitan areas."


But there are several researchers who have come to the same conclusions on this about one of the Tribes or several of them.
The following video is a must-watch on this from E Raymond Capt. He presents archeological evidence of where the 10 tribes went after their time under Assyria around 2700 years ago. And the modern identity of the Assyrians are the Germans. 



Lost Tribes of Israel Found in the Scottish Declaration of Independence



Here is a very good radio podcast on Benjamin/Norway
Norway: The ‘Lost’ Tribe of Benjamin? by Watch Jerusalem

In this podcast, we can also hear about the strong correlations of the strife between King Saul (Benjamite) and King David & the strife between the throne of England and Norway.


Another interesting fact is that Jeremiah took the remnant of the House of David to Ireland in around 585 B.C.
This remnant was prophesied to be the "tender one" in Ezekiel 17:22. The chapter & verse number of this verse joined gives 1722 = 1000 + 722 (The 10 lost tribes were deported out of Israel in 722 B.C).
Old Irish sagas confirm the arrival of Jeremiah and the princess who was the remnant. (verified by E Raymond Capt.).
His tomb in Ireland can be seen in this YouTube clip: Jeremiah The Prophet The Real Patriarch of Ireland

More info on Jeremiah and his travel to Ireland here: Jeremiah in Ireland (

Ezekiel 17:22
"Thus saith the Lord GOD; I will also take of the highest branch of the high cedar, and will set it; I will crop off from the top of his young twigs a tender one, and will plant it upon an high mountain and eminent:"





Disclaimer: I do not affiliate with the British Israelism movement but we share the same belief on the matter of the identity of the Lost Tribes.
The difference is that the British Israelism movement holds the belief that you can only be saved if you are part of Israel, I do not believe that.
I believe that you can be saved and be God's child no matter what race you are. And that is exactly what it states in the Bible.
So do not worry if you are not from any of the countries mentioned here, it does not affect your destiny anyway as you choose that yourself. 

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