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Gematria connections and Holographs by Richard Amiel McGough (

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Richard has closed his website
He did share his work there and you were free to download it, so I took the opportunity to download them long ago.
I thought I had lost them but I found them stored on my USB stick. 
And I think he had excellent holographs, so I want to share them here since it's a shame they can't be seen on anymore.
Richard does not believe in God as he did when he made these holographs & connections.
These holographs inspired me to make my own holographs that are shared on this website.

The following images below were made by Richard Amiel McGough, and I do not own the rights to these images.
If you want any rights to these images then you have to contact Richard.

Click on the images to read them.


The Creation Hyper Holograph


The Word


The Logos Holograph


Divine Logos Hyper Holograph



The Divine prologue


Gematria connections in the first day of creation




integration of the First Day with the Divine Prologue


The Fountain of Life



Fountain of Life Holograph


The six centered hexagons found in the Logos star (373) equals 114 (6X19)


The Grace Manifest Holograph (number 19 stands for physical manifestation according to Richard)


The Shema


The Unity Holograph


Full Unity Holograph


The HoloDec (The Ten Commandments)


Two Divisions of the Law


HoloDec integration with integrated Divine Prologue



You can read my work on gematria and see several of my Holograph's here:
Chapter 1. Introduction to Gematria, Mathematics and Methods (tutorial)
Chapter 2. Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1 gematria codes
Chapter 3. Physics Codes

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