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How many verses had errors in the Hebrew/Greek gematria database?

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He had 292 verses that had wrong total values or missed the total value completely (Neh 7:68 missed from his database). 
Some verses had messed up word counts (don't know how many, but it was rare). 
The Hebrew/Greek Bible database on this website does not suffer from his database errors because:
1. I personally and manually made sure the verses with comments were calculated correctly by removing the comments.
Normally you should be able to programmatically do this but with Hebrew text, bugs come into play so it can't be done.
2. He used a transliterated Hebrew-English version and the database on this website does not use a transliterated version.
transliterated means that they replaced the Hebrew letters with English letters. (Probably because it should avoid the bugs that come with Hebrew. Ironically it caused bugs also since many verses in his database with comments were also messed up)
And around 35 verses messed up the Shin ש and replaced it with X, thus missing its value from the verses.
So never use a transliterated Hebrew Bible database if you are planning on having gematria features. 

Here are some of the verse orders that were messed up in the Hebrew/Greek Bible database:
Verses where Bible wheel has X error:
849,1035,1400,1488,1536,3613,3633,3634,3664,3869,4083,4513,4515,4843,5598,5829, 6286,6287,6339,6345,6388,6410,6639,8862,9277,10308,10517,10527,10537,10541,10694,11128,18591,21728,21729,21736


Commentaries errors in Bible wheel database:
Not all verses that had errors are listed here as I forgot to list all, we simply found a new Bible database and compared it to the Bible wheel database in order to see how many verses was off.

We know this because we scraped Richard's database (that is to copy it), We had to pin down his flaws and make sure we did not do his mistakes.
The database I use on my website is built from scratch, so we did not use anything from the Bible wheel website except his Strong's listing. And that is an official feature anyway so it was perfectly legal.
There are a total of 291 verses that has different total value 1 verse that missed completely due to a scribal error in his O.T database.
This was Neh 7:68.
So, 292 verses had wrong total value or missing completely.
Neh 7:68 even missed in the Bible database I found that is a 2013 version. But I fetched that verse from another Torah and placed it in my Bible database. has closed down now but I wrote this in case other people has worked on his database to warn them that they might have wrong results in their work.

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