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Rules, Guidelines and Tutorial

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Rules and Guidelines

First of all, freedom of speech is allowed here. That means that criticism of your belief, religion, or way of thinking must be allowed.
And I can accept the fact that discussions can turn a bit ugly since emotions come into play. That is just human. But I will not allow humiliation of malicious intents.
Everyone is welcome here no matter what religion you belong to or if you do not believe in anything. I am not going to ban anyone for their beliefs.

These things are not allowed:
1. Promotion of other religions other than the true God and his only begotten son Jesus Christ
2. Profane language or any kind of blasphemy
3. Promotion of occult, folklore, satanism & myth (the myth part is not so strict because many are duped by them) but you may expose it
4. Racism
5. Sexual topics have nothing to do here so no pornographic or naked people in photos
6. Sports since that has nothing to do here, we are not interested in your soccer team
7. Lies
8. Commercial promotion of anything except if you are an author about codes or something really relevant to this website. If so then you have to ask me of permission to do that here
9. Politics, but I am not going to ban you if you mention that you support the democrats or republicans, but don't go far into details on politics here.
10. Promotion or endorsement of drugs

And if you share something that is not allowed here then it will be deleted without any notification. But I will usually let you know.
You will not get banned though, only warned. If you keep breaking rules given enough warnings then you force me to ban you for a specific amount of time.
And people who promote their dirty (sex based) websites in the forum will get banned forever and their membership deleted. 


To make a post click on a Forum category and press "Add topic" when you are logged in.

If you want to upload some media to a post select "My Media" right under the content then click "Add Files" and select image or video.
It will land where your current typing marker is when you click "Add To Post" or "Insert Into Post".
If you want to attach a file to your post to share with others here then select "Attach Files" and upload file.

There is a limit of around 69 MB of what files you upload so if it's a video then make sure it is not too high quality, but again you can always use a link to share a video on YouTube or Vimeo that has that good quality. I personally have problems uploading more than 32 MB video files.

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