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Here we find orders of words & letters in the Bible.
You can use this for English text also if you want. Hold CTRL + F to search for a specific order you want to find.

Here is the first chapter of the Hebrtew Bible that you can copy and paste into the Word and Letter Counter:

Click Here for the 10 first chapters of the Hebrew bible


Did you know that the orders of letters & words in the Bible are encoded?
Word nr 10 “Alpha” (G r) starts with letter nr 38 “Alpha” (E o). And the value of this word = 411 (English ordinal of Genesis 1:1)
One example is word nr 37 “Seal” (E o) that starts with letter nr 137 “of God” (E s).
Another example is the fact that we find letter nr 703 (Triangle nr 37) as the center letter in word nr 180 (degrees in a triangle).
Word nr 16 “Alpha” (H rr) has letter nr 61 “Alpha” (H ro) and these are mirrors.
Letter nr 500 + 7+7+7 is the first letter in word nr 137 = 100 + 37 “Seal” (E o) = 137 “of God” (E s)
The center word of verse nr 5 “The” ה starts with letter nr 174 (37 “Seal” (E o) + 137 “of God” (E s)) and it is ordered as word nr 46 “codes” (E o)  of the bible.