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Hebrew/Greek Bible gematria database


Click Here for Hebrew/Greek Bible gematria database
Book & verse counts of the Hebrew/Greek Bible database
Book, Verse & Chapter counts of the Bible


The features for this Hebrew/Greek database are not finished so consider this an Alpha version which is very basic.
167 verses miss Strong’s concordance and you do not get an extended description of Strong’s words when you click on them.
The full release with all features will be right before October or November latest.

The Hebrew database of the Old Testament uses the Westminister Leningrad Codex (WLC).
The Greek database of the New Testament uses the Scrivener’s Textus Receptus 1894.
This Bible database has 31102 verses just like the King James Bible since I use a Hebrew-English interlinear version of the WLC released in 2013.
So the big question is: “is this Bible database perfect?” I really don’t think so, but I don’t know as I will feel more comfortable with a later version than 2013.
Since I know that the WLC is being updated every year, but the changes after the WLC 2016 do not affect any gematria values of words but accents when I checked the logs on They did not give any information about the version before the 2016 version.
I do not use accents in my work since it’s really not needed for gematria. Here are 4 Hebrew letters with accents עָשְׂבֵּֽאֱ. And here are the same letters without accents עשבא.
But this database should be very very accurate. I think if there are any verses that are off in this database then it’s a maximum of 10 in the Old Testament.
And that might just be one word, letter or a word that should be a comment in a verse, so it does not affect many of the methods that we will be able to search in my database when it is complete.
I would very be surprised if there were as many as 10 errors in this database since it is a 2013 version, so there might be no errors also.
If I find a later version than 2013, then I will change to the newer version and give you a report of how many verses were changed from the 2013 version. is in charge of the electronic WLC, while who also develops a WLC electronic database went different paths after the 2016 version. is currently going through changes in their website so they do not have a database there for users, but does.
These two organizations do not deal with the English-Hebrew interlinear version so their WLC has 46 fewer verses since they don’t use the English King James version ordering of verses like I do.
Many of the verses in the original WLC and the English-Hebrew interlinear WLC are identical with identical verse orders, but there are a lot of verses that are not also.
All verses have been personally checked by me so that this database does not suffer from gematria errors, since they come automatically when dealing with the Hebrew text.
I did only two critical changes to the Hebrew-English interlinear WLC I use on this website, and that was to swap verse nr 12008 (2 Chro 36:14) with 2 Chro 36:14 on as they are further in the development of their WLC than the version I use. I noticed something strange in that verse, It had a comment in my version but not in the version.
Nehmiah 7:68 missed because some versions of the Old Testament miss it due to a scribal error. I replaced it so the verse is there as it should be.
I also had to remove markings of the Qoph ק & all comments as these things were not in the original texts, but were added by scribes. Including those would mess up the codes and give us wrong total values.
If you want my database on your website then you need to pay me since I paid considerable money to get the gematria features developed, and I spent time making sure all gematria total values were correct. The price was not cheap as my database will have many features never seen before.
Contact me on my e-mail if you want to buy it.
If enough people want it then I can set up a program that will contain the database, gematria calculator, Math tools & maybe Diverse calculators functions that you can use offline for a price of 50$.
You get those features for free on this website so if you just want to support this website then buy my book.



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