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Gematria Calculator

Hebrew gematria calculator, Greek gematria calculator, English gematria calculator
This numerical calculator calculates letters/words into numbers. Select language and input words.
The table has the dragging property, giving it infinite potential of width.
If you hover the mouse pointer over the table and hold shift you can drag it to the end by scrolling down with the mouse.
– only Hebrew letters in Hebrew gematria calculator
– only Greek letters in Greek gematria calculator
– only English letters in English gematria calculator


The gematria calculator can be used outside of this page in full-screen mode showing more letters than here.
Link for full-screen mode:   

It can also get bugged and freeze if you input large chunks of text; if so then just refresh the page.
And there is a limit to it how much text it can calculate. You can put a chapter from the bible in it and it will work, however putting a whole book from the bible in it will not work.


The Greek Gematria calculator uses the Greek isopsephy Alphabet with its gematria values which you can check out here along with the Hebrew & English Alphabets:


Gematria has been the fascination of a few people of the 20th century though it seems to pick up in popularity.
Did you know that gematria is the key to the Universe? Few people have seen the full glory of it but this website aims to change that.
This gematria calculator is a very important tool in that regard.
If you spot a bug other than the calculator freezing then please let me know in the forums.
And it says there are errors now because there is backend work being done at the moment, but all values are correct so don’t mind it.
Remember that you can throw verses from the Bible either in Hebrew (Old Testament) Greek (New Testament) or English (King James Version) in this multi-language gematria calculator.


Gematria systems:
reducedordinal standard
Full reduced Full ordinal Full standard
reverse reduced reverse ordinal reverse standard



All words can be assigned numerical values and it is a concept that goes back to antiquity.

31 = God אל = Alpha אלפא (o) = The universe ο συμπαν (r)
74 = In the beginning εν αρχηι = gematria (E o)
76 =  In the beginning בראשית (o) = bible codes (E o)
99 = Alpha the fine-structure constant אלפא קבוע המבנה הקנס (rr) = physics (E o)
100 = said ειπε epo [Mar 4:39] = universe codes יקו ם קודים (o) = upon על = Reading/Knowing αναγνωσις (o) = Riddle(s) of wisdom חידה חכמה = dig חצב
111 = God אלהים (Fo) = Alpha אלפא (Fo) = code Κωδικας (Fr)
112 = The Lord God יהוה אלהים = building/structure בנין = Alpha אלפא = and Phi ואת פ י (Fo) = The Alpha and Phi האלפא ואת פי (Fr)
113 = Universe (E o) = ultimate τελευταιοι (o) — riddles of God אלהים חידה
115 = Riddle αινιγμα = 100 + Pytha.Pri(137 of God (E s))
156 = Universe םוקי [modern]  = Precious Alpha Riddles הדיח אפלא בוט = Alpha אפלא (r+o+s)
212 = Physics הקיזיפ = codes םידוק (o+s)
217 = The universe and the earth (E o) = The ultimate codes οι τελευταιοι κωδικες (o)
273 = Gematria גימטריא =  The Seal of God (E s) =  Codes of Knowledge קודי ידע (o+s) =  The Key η κλεις
300 = Alpha and Phi אלפא ופי (r+o+s) = Codes of wisdom קודי חכמה (r+o+s) = Fulfil/Complete/End πληροω (rs)
304 = Magnify שגא  = The universe היקום (Fs) = Genesis one one and John one one Γενεσις εις εις και Ιωαννης εις εις (o)
366 = seven hundred seventy and seven επτακόσια εβδομήντα και επτά (Fr) = Riddles חידו ת (rr+ro+rs)
367 = Physics φυσικη (rs) = one thousand six hundred and eighteen χίλια εξακόσια και δεκαοκτω (ro)
384 = God said θεος ειπε = Physics פיזיקה (Fs) = Alpha codes אלפא קודים (r+o+s)
414 = My Holy One קדשי = Crowned riddle(s) מוכתר חידה (rs) = Sevenfold שבעתים (ro+rs)
416 = and they that understand ומשכילי = good הטבת = riddles αινιγματα = gifts δοματα = universe codes יקום קודים (o+s)
417 = 400 + 17 the universe (H r) = is in the midst αναμεσον
431 = The lamb ο αμνος = 400 + 31 of God אל
455 = the firmament הרקיע (o+s) = seven hundred and twenty nine and seven hundred seventy and seven שבע מאות ועשרים ותש ע ואת שבע ושבעים ושבע מאות (o)
469 = 400 + 69 Physics (H Fr) = ultimate seven seven seven code Τελευταιοι επτα επτα επτα κωδικες (Fr)
471 = And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, וידבר יהוה אל משה לאמר (Fo) = Torah Τορα = 400 + 71 riddles (E o)
792 = Mighty works δυναμεις (o+s) = Alpha and Phi codes Αλφα και φι κωδικους (Fo) = In the midst בתו ך (o+s)
913 = In the beginning בראשית = universe συμπαν (rs) — and physics ואת פיזיקה (Fs) = God the Father Ο Θεος Ο Πατηρ = word λογωι [John 2:22]
919 = Thou shalt seek תבקש ם (o+s) = The Speed of Light מהירות האור (ro+rs) = Palin(101 = Pri(27 riddles (H s)))
939 = Genesis one one בראשית אחד אחד = among my treasures באוצרתי (rr+ro+rs)
950 = And και (rs) = heaven שמים (Ss) = seven seven seven and seven hundred seventy and seven שבע שבע שבע ואת שבע ושבעים ושבע מאות (Fo)
1272 = Alpha, Pi and Phi Αλφα, πι και φι (o+s) = the heaven and the earth השמים ואת הארץ (ro+rs)
1274 = Manifest φανεροω (rs) = 1200 + 74 gematria (E o)
1276 = 1200 + 76 In the beginning (H r) = Seven Seven Seven Codes שבע שבע שבע קודים
951 = שמע ישראל Hear o Israel  = 37 Seal (E o) + 137 of God (E s) + 777
1628 = seven hundred seventy and seven שבע ושבעים ושב ע מאות (rs) = 1000 + The Seal of God החתם אלהים (o+s) = code κωδικας (ro+rs)

1718 = The seven hundred seventy and seven השבע ושבעים ושבע מאות (rs) = 1500 + 218 codes (E o+s)


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