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This multi-language gematria calculator calculates letters/words into numbers. Select language and input words.

only Hebrew letters in the Hebrew gematria calculator
only Greek letters in the Greek gematria calculator 
only English letters in the English gematria calculator
The table has the dragging property, giving it the infinite potential of width.
If you hover the mouse pointer over the table and hold shift you can drag it to the end by scrolling down with the mouse.

It can be used outside of this page in full-screen mode showing more letters than here.
Link for full-screen mode: 

Gematria Calculator

Hebrew alphabet: אבגדהוזחטיכלמנסעפצקרשת — ךםןףץ
Greek alphabet: αβγδεζηθικλμνξοπρσ(ς)τυφχψω — ΑΒΓΔΕΖΗΘΙΚΛΜΝΞΟΠΡΣΤΥΦΧΨΩ
English alphabet: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz — ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

137 “In the beginning” (English ordinal) = center word of verse number 913 “In the beginning” בראשית (Hebrew standard) of the Bible
=  First, last & center words added of verse number 411.
“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (English ordinal) = 411 = 3X 137 “In the beginning” (E o).
First, last & center words added of this verse = 164 “one hundred and thirty and seven” ושבע ושלשים מאת (o) [Gen 25:17]
Check numerical values of words & verses in the Bible database here:

This gematria calculator was made for the Bible codes in my book and this website.
Be sure to read them or you will miss out big time!

Link for Introduction to gematria on this website which is chapter 1:

Link to Genesis 1:1 & John 1:1 codes on this website which is chapter 2:

Link to Physics codes on this website which is chapter 3: Physics codes

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Multi-Language Gematria Calculator

The Greek gematria calculator uses the Isopsephy system.
The Hebrew gematria calculator will not calculate Soft gematria systems as of now.
This multi-language gematria calculator will work with accents in either Hebrew or Greek. 

It will also show the orders of letters in the word/phrase you input.
You can input verses from the Hebrew Bible in the Hebrew gematria calculator.
You can also input verses from the Greek Bible in the Greek gematria calculator.
In addition, you can throw in English Bible verses in the English gematria calculator. I can recommend the King James version,
You can throw in a chapter of the Bible in it; but it’s not strong enough to calculate a whole book from the Bible.
I hope you will find good use of this as it is a very good tool.

A little about gematria:
The tradition where letters were used for numbers goes way back to ancient times as the earliest records of 8th century B.C with the Assyrians.
The Hebrews most likely used their letters as numbers before this though but I have not researched that too much.
The Hebrew & Greek alphabets are the only two alphabets that have the same numerical system (standard).
The Greek alphabet comes from the Hebrew alphabet. The English alphabet comes from the Latin alphabet which again comes from the Greek alphabet. So the Hebrew alphabet is the mother alphabet.




Click here for a tutorial on installing a Hebrew keyboard on your computer (with α custom option)
Click here for a tutorial on installing a Greek keyboard on your computer (with a custom option)


A great place to learn Hebrew is the hebrew4chrsitians site at:


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