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Download the Number Properties Tool 2.1 that finds numbers up to 10,000,000,000 instead of 10 million. It will check for Octagons, Nonagons & Decagons included along with the centered version of Triangles up to Decagons.
It will also check gonals up to 10 million sides!
In addition, this tool will also check if a number is a perimeter of Pentagons, Hexagons, Heptagons, Octagons, Nonagons, Decagons Heptagrams, Octagrams, Nonagrams, & Decagrams. It has much more mathematics also like Centered Stars, Heptagrams, Octagrams, Nonagrams, Decagrams, Snowflakes, Anti snowflake, Trefoil Stars, Trefoil Centered Stars, Bethlehem Stars & Semiprimes.
This tool will also add digits up to n of the constants e, π, φ, Ω & inverse Ω.
It will even find values of words & verses in the Bible added up to n.

This version is much faster as it gives results within a second most of the time. I have not seen it takes more than three seconds to get a result.
This number properties tool is a must have and do not use the number properties tool on the top of this page. Use this tool instead.
The Number Properties Tool is the most advanced number properties tool in the world!
Make sure you are using the Microsoft Edge or Chrome browsers when you download this.



math tools

This is the best math tools on the web in terms of showing you the most extensive mathematical properties of numbers!
You only enter numbers into the tools on this page.

Mathematical properties calculator will give you the mathematical properties of the number that you input. It calculates the square root of numbers also.

Find a specific order of mathematics calculator lets you input a number that stands for a mathematical order we want to find.
So if I enter 37 into this tool, then it will find mathematics (like primes, composites, triangles…) ordered at 37.

Find a specific order of polygonal number lets you enter the number of sides & the order of the polygonal number you want to find.

Add mathematics between two orders lets you input orders like this: 3,7 which then adds orders from 3 to 7 of the selected mathematics.

Add mathematics of different orders lets you input orders like this: 1,3,7 which will add orders 1,3,7 of the selected mathematics.
You can add more than 3 orders like 913,203,86,401,395,407,296.
When you enter a number into the mathematical properties calculator it will check if this number is a:
Prime number
Composite number

Pythagorean prime number
Happy number
Happy prime

Lucky number (up to 1000 000)
Lucky prime (up to 1000 000)
Palindromic/Palindrome number
Fibonacci number
Rectangle number (2 sides)

Triangle number (3 sides)
Square number (4 sides)
Pentagonal number (5 sides)
Hexagonal number (6 sides)
Heptagonal number (7 sides)
Octagonal number (8 sides)
Nonagonal number (9 sides)
Decagonal number (10 sides)
Star number
Cube number
Centered Triangle number
Centered Square number
Centered Pentagonal number
Centered Hexagonal number
Centered Heptagonal number
Centered Octagonal number
Centered Nonagonal number
Centered Decagonal number

polygonal number with many sides called a “gonal”. Where 9-gonal is a polygonal number with 9 sides instead of a triangle having 3 sides.
Perimeter of a triangle or square (if the number is a triangle or square then it will also show the perimeter of this triangle or square)
nter of gravity of a triangle (if the number is a triangle then it will also show the center of gravity of this triangle if it has a center of gravity)
Midpoint of the center row in a triangle (if the number is a triangle then it will also show the midpoint of the center row of this triangle if it has a midpoint of its center row)
Sum of mathematics added up to a specific order. Example 10 = Triangles up to order 3 (1+3+6).

Info about these math tools

Number 1 is considered the first prime number here.
All cube numbers are also the sum of centered hexagons up to the same order, so the tool will not find the sum of centered hexagons up to a specific order because of this.
To find the mathematical properties of numbers is time-consuming, so these math tools will save you a lot of time in your number research.
I have spent far too much time searching most of the other mathematics mentioned here for their orders, those days are gone now that I will get all info about one number in 2 seconds. Wonderful!

Getting these Math Tools and especially the ability to find mathematical properties of numbers was a big milestone to make my research more effective.



These types of mathematics can be verified by the website: Wolfram MathWorld: The Web’s Most Extensive Mathematics Resource

Link to chapter 1 of my book that explains these mathematics: Chapter I. Introduction to Gematria, Mathematics and Methods – 777 codes

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