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Here we go into gematria codes, numerical Bible codes and 777 codes.


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Update Log

The fine-structure constant (α) is finally decoded after 107 years since its discovery! Check it out as long as you have read the Creation Holograph first. [3/4/2023]
I asked artificial intelligence about what it thinks about this website and it became interested in Bible codes. Click here to see the conversation. [3/15/2023]
Version 1.0 of the Bible database is released along with an update log that details changes done in the beta version. [6/28/2023]
The legendary chapter about number 777 has been uploaded. [6/29/2023]
ASCII gematria results of English Genesis 1.1, English John 1:1, 777, and different words/phrases.
Triangle 37 is also seen in Genesis 1:1 with ASCII gematria! Click here to see ASCII codes of gematria [8/16/2023]
7+7+7 Triangles are seen in Genesis 1:1, John 1:1, Verse# 137 & the 777 Holograph.
The 7 Triangles in verse# 137 are displayed in chapter 3, and the 7+7+7 Triangles are mentioned right after the Hyper 777 Holograph in chapter 7. [1/30/24]
We could get 8+8+8 Triangles if we consider the 3 Triangles in John 1:1 which is the 1st word (55 = Tri(10)), 2 FLL = 325 = Tri(25) & 2 L. surr. CL = 378 = Tri(27).
New mathematics added to the number properties tool that you can download on the Math Tools page. [2/27/24]
Verse# 777 & Verse# 1625 have been upgraded to an incredible level! The codes after these verses complement them in wonderful ways. The integration of verse# 37 & verse# 777 has also been upgraded. [3/28/24]
Upgraded General methods of Genesis 1:1 & John 1:1 & upgraded verse# 777 & 1625. There are a lot more codes added right after verse# 1625 now that compliments verses ordered at 777 & 1625. [4/13/24]
Number Properties Tool 2.1 is released with a lot of new mathematics added from Pri(n) + Composite(n), Triangle(n) + Square(n), Triangle(n) + Heptagon(n), Numbers that are both Happy & Lucky, 3 Triangles. 7 Heptagons, 8 Octagons, 3 Triangles + 7 Heptagons, 3 Triangles + 8 Octagons + more.
It will also add digits up to n of the constants e, π, φ, Ω & inverse Ω
And it will add values of words & verses up to n of the 10 first books of the Bible. See the Math Tools page for download link. [5/5/24]
Get gematria methods for verse(s) has been upgraded to check 3 FLL, 7/8 CL, 3 L. surr. CL, 3 FLW, 7/8 CW & 3 W. surr. CW [7/11/24]


Content from the book is put in the Table of Contents on the right side of the screen.

Click here to start reading the first chapter of my book and make sure you understand all the technical details in that chapter as it serves as the tutorial.


You can use the gematria calculator at this website to get values of words & phrases or even verses from the Bible.
You can also check the mathematical properties of numbers here with the Math Tools.
There is also a Hebrew/Greek Bible database with gematria features available on this website.

If you are dealing with gematria codes, then I have a word document that is over 388 pages with connections to numbers.
This document will help you decode stuff for sure in gematria.
You need Microsoft Office 2016 or newer version to run this file, download version 4.5 here Gematria connections.

The best reading experience on this website is with a computer as android will divide a single line calculation into several lines, making it more chaotic to read.
Make sure you have your zoom level at 100% or else the calculations will get messy to read; Hold CTRL & press – or + or scroll with the mouse to zoom in or out.
And you should disable the popup blocker for this website if you have one, since it can prevent the different tools from working.

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Gematria focused websites
Mathematical Monotheism (Leo Tavares)
37× (John Elias) (Peter Bluer) (Bill Downie) (John TNG) (Vernon Jenkins) (Martin Hill)

777 codes

Number 777 has been a big mystery since ancient times and many have wondered what it is and what it stands for.
My book and website go into number 777 and explore its implications and meaning.
The book also goes into gematria codes and the Bible codes that are often centered around the number 777.
The number of numbers is 777 so that is why this website is named, while the book will be named 777 Codes: of Gematria and the Constants of Physics.
The purpose of the 777 codes is quite extensive but it is used as the seal of God in riddles of the Bible, physics and the Universe.




7 constants of physics encoded with 777 codes


Seal of God Holograph part 21



Gematria connections of 37, 777 & the constants of physics

777 codes