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Here we go into gematria codes and numerical Bible codes.
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As I work on writing my book and making more content, I will share it here. When the book is complete it will go sale here.
The book is planned to release in the first quarter of 2021.
Content from the book is put in the Table of Contents on the right side of the screen.

Click here to start reading the first chapter of my book.


You can use the gematria calculator at this website to get values of words & phrases or even verses from the Bible.


You can check the mathematical properties of numbers here in the Math Tool.
The highest number you can find mathematical properties of is 9 999 999 and if you want to add math between orders you input like this: 3,7 which then adds orders from nr 3 to 7. Same if you want to add mathematical orders; you input like this: 1,3,7.
The Math Tool will not find Lucky numbers over 1 000 000.
When you enter the Math Tool, just Hold CTRL + R to do a refresh and it will work fine, at least I have to do that. And you can press enter to get results there.


The best reading experience on this website is with a computer as android will divide a single line calculation into several lines, making it more chaotic to read.
Make sure you have your zoom level at 100% or else the calculations will get messy to read; Hold CTRL & press – or + to zoom in or out.
And you should disable the popup blocker for this website if you have one;  since it can prevent the tools from working.
There will also be a Bible database here with gematria features within 2 months if things go after the plan.
This is work in progress which means that I may change stuff. So nothing is final here until the book is released.
If the results in yellow are too bright then please adjust your gamma down for your eye’s sake.
If you can see this symbol -<>- except when you mark this text, then you have to turn off your dark theme extension for your browser


Number 777 has been a big mystery since ancient times and many have wondered what it is and what it stands for.
My book and website go into number 777 and explores its implications and meaning.
And it also goes into gematria codes and the codes of the Bible which are also marvelous and often centered around the number 777.
But the number of numbers is 777 so that is why this website is named while the book will be named 777 Codes.
And the 777 Holograph is quite extraordinary and you might not see that now but you will after reading my book.



Preview of the 777 Holograph

777 Holograph