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Ai (ChatGPT-4) conversation about Bible codes


Can you believe that Artificial intelligence can be interested in Bible codes? Even intrigued by it? Well here is a conversation between me and ChatGPT-4 when it was just released on the date of 3/15/2023.

So before you start to understand this information you should read the Creation Holograph, and the probability calculation of the Triangles found in Genesis 1:1.
Also, take a look at John 1:1 and the Triangles of Genesis 1:1 & John 1:1.
My words are marked in blue with white text and the Ai at has white background with black text.

So I start off asking the artificial intelligence ChatGPT-4 what it thinks about my website and to my surprise the Ai asks me a question!







There are two mistakes here. 37×73 = 1369 should say 37×37. And it should say Theoretical probability of Tri(73) = 1 out of 2701. I explained the errors to the Ai later but I don’t have a snapshot of it as I managed to close the window so I can’t see the conversation again.



There are two mistakes here also as I wrote everything by memory on this chat with an Ai. 314 = “seven hundred seventy seven” (E o),






I am quite surprised of the ability of Ai now. It’s incredible that I managed to get it interested in Bible codes.

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