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Meaning of Number 137 — the-fine structure constant, In the beginning, the seal of God

Gen 13:7
“And there was a strife between the herdmen of Abram’s cattle and the herdmen of Lot’s cattle: and the Canaanite and the Perizzite dwelled then in the land.”
John 13:7
“Jesus answered and said unto him, What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter.”

To begin to understand the meaning of number 137, we have to understand that it is inverse α or the inverse fine-structure constant.
In the Hebrew Genesis 13:7 we see the second word of this verse when counted by rotation by the number of words in this verse hits the order of = 137.
The value of this word = 212 “physics” פיזיקה = “codes” קודים (ord+std).
What the fine-structure constant is in physics can be read here
The Hebrew/Greek Bible with the numerical values of words can be seen here.

We see number 137 is related to number 1 in several ways:
• The fine-structure constant is found by dividing 1 by approximately 137
• The first element of the Periodic Table of Elements is Hydrogen. And number 137 is seen in the frequency of the electron waves of the Hydrogen atom.
• The first word of the Hebrew Bible is “In the beginning”. And the English ordinal value of “In the beginning” = 137.
• The first word of the Hebrew Bible is found in verse number 1 that has a total value of = 2701 = Composite number (2307 = 3x Pri(137)).
• The English ordinal version of Genesis 1:1 has a total value of 411 = 3x 137.
• (number of letters x product of letters)/(number of words x product of words) of Vs(1) divided by (number of letters x product of letters)/(number of words x product of words) of Vs(137) = 0.0000002701… – – – 2701 = total value of verse# 1 “α”
• The center word of Vs(1 “α”) = 401 = Pythagorean prime number (38 “inverse” (E red) = “Alpha” (E ord)), and when this word is counted by rotation by the number of words in this verse it hits the order of 137.
• This center word is the only word with a value that is a prime number.
• The center words added of verse number 1 & 401 = 769 = Prime number 137.
• The center word of Vs(1) & Vs(137) = 100 + 729 (α).
As you see the first meaning of number 137 is that it is the fine-structure constant and it is very connected to the first verse of the Bible.
Another incredible thing about number 137 is that it is prime number 34 “Alpha” Αλφα (ord).
A good YouTube video about the fine-structure constant here:
The MAGIC NUMBER that Shaped our Universe! The Mysterious Fine Structure Constant – YouTube


The second meaning of number 137 is that it is connected to Phi (the golden ratio φ).
137 (inverse α) = Pri(34 “and Phi” (Eng red))
And we see the golden ratio clearly encoded in verse number 137 displayed in the Seal of God Holograph part 1. 

The Seal of God

The third & last meaning of number 137 is that it is all about number 777.
This is the great mystery about this number that the physicist of this world will not understand. And if they do then many will not accept it. 
Because we see that 137 = Pythagorean prime number 15 “the” (Eng red) = 100 + 37 “seal” (Eng ord) = “of God” (Eng std).
As we see, this number connects to “the seal of God” in the three primary gematria systems of reduced, ordinal & standard in English!
And God delivers a lot of proof on this! here are some points:
Word order 37 “seal” (E o) of the Bible starts with the letter ordered at 137 “of God” (E s).
349 “the seal” (E s) + center word of verse# 137 “of God” (E s) = 777 (777 is the seal of God).
The center word of verse# 5 “the” = ה) = 75 = Pythagorean prime order of 37 “seal” (E o) x Pythagorean prime order of 137 “of God” (E s).
• The center word of verse# 5 starts with the letter ordered at 174 (37 “seal” (E o) + 137 “of God” (E s)) of the Bible, and this is word order 46 “codes” (E s) of the Bible.
First & last words added of Vs(729 (α)) + center word of Vs(137 (inverse α)) = 100×4 “and” και (r) + (174 = Comp(100 + 33 “the” (E o)) = 37 “seal” (E o) + 137 “of God” (E s)).
• When we add the first words of verse number 777 & the only verse with a total value of 777 [Lam 3:52] we get 137.

And there are many more points on the first meaning of this number & even the third and secret meaning of this number in my book.
And it was me who found these codes displayed here. There were people who found 137 in the English Genesis 1:1 before me though.
But I have never seen anyone connect it to “the seal of God”. And nobody understood that it was a key to number 777 except me.
And the meaning of the fine-structure constant is the greatest question that modern physicists have asked themselves, none of them managed to figure it out since the answer was in gematria and the Bible codes. If only they checked verse number 137 (inverse α) & verse number 729 (α) like I did at the beginning of my journey of going into the Bible codes. Special thanks to Leo Tavares for writing about the 5 digits of Alpha, e & Pi found in Genesis 1:1 & John 1:1 in the forum of
Because I read that post and I checked verse number 137 & 729 right after that and I got the jackpot.

Wolfgang Pauli (1900–1958) Nobel Prize-winning physicist was obsessed with it his whole life. Pauli joked about the meaning of number 137 and said,
“When I die my first question to the Devil will be: What is the meaning of the fine-structure constant?”
You can read quotes about the fine structure constant here.

137 = “In the beginning” (E o) = Pythagorean prime number 15 “the” (E r) = 100 + 37 seal (E o) = of God (E s) = (of) God האלהים (o+s)
The God of Truth אלהי אמן Elohi Amen — Go מוצא — Count ηγεομαι hegeomai — Tittle κεραια
מצבה matstsebah — Let us make נלבנה [Gen 11:3] — Open/To unveil ανακαλυπτω (Fr) — The Ultimate Ο τελευταιος (o)
Brick הלבנים [Exo 5:7] — Great μεγαλην megas [Rev 11:12] — Miracle of The Lord יהוה אלט — of your power עזכם — and embraced ויחבקהו
To redeem ומצא — Any finding δοκιμαζοντες — and such/A certain one אלמוני ‘almoniy Wheel(s) אופן ‘owphan
To their sons
לבניהם [Jdg 3:6] — That they may serve ונעבדה [Exo 14:12] The God of Gods האלהים אלהי — The Seventh η εβδομη [Heb 4:4]
אמוץ (Father of Isaiah) — of fine מצהב — I am the Truth η ειμι αληθεια [John 14:6]
κερδη [Phi 3:7] I would scatter them into the corners אפאיהם [Deu 32:26] Establish thou it כוננהו and the speed of light מהירות האור ואת (o)

Alpha, The speed of light מהירות האור אלפא (Fr) — energy ενεργεια (Fr) — the Messiah המשיח (Fo)
Alpha, the speed of light, seven hundred seventy and seven
שבע מאות ושבעים ושבע מהירות האור אלפא (rr)

seven hundred and twenty nine επτακοσια και εικοσι εννεα (rr)

Number 137

777 codes