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meaning of number 3 — completeness, resurrection, 777

1 John 5:7
“For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.”
Revelation 3:1
‘These things says He who has the seven Spirits of God and the seven stars: “I know your works, that you have a name that you are alive, but you are dead.

The meaning of number 3 is associated with completeness or resurrection.
• Number 3 is the number of days & nights Jonah was in the belly of the fish and Christ was buried in the earth for three days and three nights.
• Number 3 is the number of times Daniel prayed a day [Dan 6:10].
• Peter denied Christ 3 times [Matt 26:74-75].
• Christ prayed three times to His Father before He was taken to be crucified [Matt 26:36-45].
It can also be used for Alpha, the fine-structure constant since the reduced, ordinal & standard values added of α = 3.

Meaning of number 3 and the 777 connection

The above is the mainstream view of this number. The answer about the meaning of number 3 is when we understand that Lucky number 3 = 7.
So like many other numbers, God uses this number as a code for 777. And this is correct when you look at the use of this number in the numerical Bible codes.
At the start of Revelation chapter 3, there are mentioned 7 Spirits of God & 7 stars.
A great confirmation of what number 3 means is seen in the main Hebrew spelling of “three” שלש.
It has the value of 630 = 10x(63 = Lucky(7) + Lucky(7) + Lucky(7)) = Triangle number 35 “riddles” (Eng red).
Another Hebrew spelling of this number is “three” שלוש [Deu 16:16], we see it has a standard value of 636 = perimeter of Tri(213 “seven hundred seventy seven” επτακοσια εβδομηντα επτα (ord)) = palindrome number 73 “wisdom” חכמה.
The word ordered at 3 of the Bible has the numerical value of 86 = Happy number 16 “seven” שבעת (red).
Adding the numerical values of both the word & letters ordered at of the Bible is 1+86 = 87 = Lucky number (21 = Lucky number 7).
The word ordered at 3 of the Hebrew reverse standard Genesis 1:1 = 560 “seven” (Eng sta).
• In verse number 3 of the Bible we see the word ordered at 3 has the value of = 25 “seven” (Eng rev red).
• In the reduced version of this verse we see the word ordered at 3 has the value of = 7.
• The standard total value of this verse= 813 = midpoint of 1625 “seven hundred seventy and seven” שבע מאות ושבעים ושבע.
• In verse number 6 (Tri(3)) we se the word ordered at 6 (Tri(3)) = 95 “seven” (A=7 B=8 C=9).

These points give us a clear picture of the meaning of number 3 in the Bible. It is mainly used to represent number 777 because it is the lucky order of number 7. There are always more codes that can be seen, but I think these results should be enough to determine what this number really means.


Relationship of 1, 3 & the Father

Number 3 is also the value of “Father” אב. And the “Father” is God. This is why we see a relationship between the numbers 1 & 3 in the Bible.
• The first letter of the Hebrew Bible has the value of 2. 1+2 = 3.
• The value of the third letter of the Hebrew Bible = 1.
• Adding the three first triangles, centered hexagons and star numbers gives us:
1 (Tri(1) = C.Hex(1) = Star(1)) + 3 (Tri(2)) + 6 (Tri(3)) + 7 (C.Hex(2)) + 19 (C.Hex(3)) + 13 (Star(2)) + 37 (Star(3)) = 86 “God” אלהים.

3 — Lucky-o(7) — Father אב ab — Alpha α (r+o+s) — c (the speed of light)to give/the gift מתת (rr)

Meaning of number 3


777 codes
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