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meaning of number 37 — the Heart of Wisdom, 777

1 Chronicles 12:34
And of Naphtali a thousand captains, and with them with shield and spear thirty and seven thousand.”
Genesis 8:21
“And the Lord smelled a sweet savour; and the Lord said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for man’s sake; for the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth; neither will I again smite any more every thing living, as I have done.”
Exodus 28:3
“And thou shalt speak unto all that are wise hearted, whom I have filled with the spirit of wisdom, that they may make Aaron’s garments to consecrate him, that he may minister unto me in the priest’s office.”

The meaning of number 37 is that it is primarily used as code number for 777.
We see that 37 is the standard value of “the Heart” הלב & the ordinal value of “of Wisdom” חכמה.
So number 777 is “the Heart of Wisdom”.
We also know that the ordinal of “wisdom” חכמה (o) equals 37 while its standard value equals 73, which is the mirror of 37.
This is very convenient since the English spelling of “knowledge” in ordinal added with standard = 777.
And we see a clear connection between “knowledge”, “and wisdom” & 777 in the Seal of God Holograph Part 2.

37 as centered hexagon and star number ordered at 3 and 4.

Number 37 is both a Centered Hexagonal number & a Star number ordered at 3 & 4.
Orders added = 7 = Lucky number 3.

Now because number 37 is a code number for number 777 we see that:
37 = Pythagorean prime number 5 “the” ה = “seal” (Eng ord) = Prime number 13 “of God” אל (ord).
The center word of verse number 13 (prime order of 37) = 333 “seven hundred seventy and seven” (Eng ord).

And the center word of verse number 37 = 416 “riddles” αινιγματα.
Number 37 is also the prime factor of the Greek spellings of “Jesus” Ιησους (24X37) &
“Christ” (40X37).
The English ordinal of “Jesus” = 74 = 2X 37.
The English ordinal of Christ” =
77 “thirty seven” שלשים שבע (Full red).
The English ordinal of “Jesus Christ” = 151 = Prime number 37.
The English standard of “Jesus Christ” = 925 = (Gr red) “codes” 25 X 37 “of wisdom” (H ord).

This number is connected to other things like the breastplate of the High Priest with the names of the 12 tribes of Israel as its value = 100X 37.
The connections to number 37 are deeply entwined into the Bible and especially the Hebrew Genesis 1:1.
Here are some points regarding number 37 in the Hebrew Genesis 1:1:
• Its total value = 37X73 (37 multiplied with its mirror) = Hexagonal number 37 = triangle number 73.
• The only words with a value that can be divided by 37 are the two last words: “and” ואת (11X37) – – – “the earth” הארץ (8X37).
• And triangle number 37 is seen when we add these words: 407 (11X37) + 296 (8X37).
The 37th triangle can be placed in the center of triangle number 73, starting in row 37 & ending in column 37.
• The word order added of these two words is 6+7 = 13 = prime order of number 37 (and God considers 1 as the first prime, therefore I consider 1 as the first prime).
• Count by rotation by the number of words in cycles and you see the word that hits order 37 by rotation has the value of 203. This means that triangle number 37 (703) = 500 + word number 37 by rotation of Genesis 1:1.
• This word even starts with the letter ordered at 7 & ends with the letter ordered at 37 by rotation when counting in cycles by the number of letters.
37 is connected to the values of these two words when spelled out (see Creation Holograph part 2 in chapter 2).
• The reverse standard value of word number 37 by rotation = 703 = 37th Triangle.
• The five first words added, “In the beginning God created the heaven” = 1998 = 37 X composite number 37.
• The reduced value of the five first words = 54 = composite number 37.
37 is the value of all words added up to the center word in the reduced Genesis 1:1.
• The reduced value of the center word = 5 = Pythagorean prime order of 37.
• The reduced value of word number 37 by rotation = 5 = Pythagorean prime order of 37.
• The ordinal value of this verse = 298 = 100 + (198 = all primes added from number 1 to number 37 = all words & letters in ordinal Genesis 1:1 added up to order 37 by rotation).
• there are 127 possible word combinations of the seven words in Genesis 1:1, 127 is the ordinal value of “thirty and seven” שלשים ושבעה [1Ch 12:34, 2Sa 39:23].
• In standard we see letters by rotation added from order 21 to 37 + letters by rotation added up to order 777 (21X37) = 3997 = Centered Hexagon number 37.
Centered Hexagon 37 = 3997 = mirror of Star number 37.
• The only letter combination between two orders that equals 37 is seen when adding from order 9 to 12. These orders added = 21 [21X37 = 777].
777 = 37 X 7X3.

Triangle number 37 = 703 = 19X37 = “and the earth”.
19 = the midpoint of 37.

The first word with the ordinal value of 37 in the Bible occurs in verse number 4 as its first word.
This word is word order 28 “and the earth” ואת הארץ (r) of the Bible, and it starts with letter order 104 “and the earth” (E o) of the Bible!
The first verse with a word that has a standard value of 37 is ordered at 56 (19+37).
And the first word of verse number 777 has the ordinal value of 19, & a standard value of 37.

37 = one ενας (o) — Magnify גדל gadal — the Heart לבה HalLev — (of) Wisdom חכמה (o/Fr) — Alpha and ואלפא (o) — the Phi η Φι (o)
Life ζωη (o) — Torah codes κωδικοι Τορα (r) — Breath הבלGreatness גדל godel — Flame להב lahab — Standard דגל degel
Adam, Eve
חוה אדם (o)Trouble בהל behal (Aramaic) — Vanity הבל hebel — old בלה balah — If לואFinger אצבע (o)

  particle physics חלקיק פיזיקה (r) — understanding κατανοηση (r) — gematria codes קודים גימטריא (r) — riddle(s) of wisdom חכמה חידה (r)
Treasure(s) of wisdom חכמה אוצר (r) — In the beginning Alpha εν αρχηι Αλφα (r) — codes of κωδικοι της (r) 
Twelve Tribes of Israel עשר שבטי ישראל (r) — twenty and seven ושבע עשרים (rr) — In the beginning riddle(s) חידה בראשית (rr) 
 the seal החתם (Fr) of God του Θεος (r) Heaven and Earth ארץ ואת שמים (Sr)
In the beginning God אלהים בראשית (rr) — Confirm/Establish/Stablish βεβαιοω (rr) — Alpha and Phi in אלפא ופיב (rr) — Godly ευσεβως (rr)
 Triangle τριγωνο (rr) — codes of wisdom קודים חכמה (rr)

meaning of number 37

777 codes
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