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meaning of number 7 — spiritual perfection

Genesis 2:2
“And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made;”

Number 7 has the meaning of spiritual perfection according to most Christian churches today.
Number 7 is mentioned very much in the Bible. In the English King James Bible we see “seven” is mentioned 463 times. 463 = 100×4 “and” και (r) + Lucky number 7 + Lucky number 7 + Lucky number 7.
Number 777 is a repdigit of 7. And Lucky number 3 = 7, which is a great clue to this number.
7 = Prime order of (13 “Alpha” אפלא (r) = “and” ואת (rr)) = Prime number 5 “φ” (r) [φ is Phi, the golden ratio], which hits the nail that this number is all about number 777.
If you go to verse# 777 & check its reduced values, you see that words ordered at 3 & 4 both have the value of 7. These word orders added is 3+4 = 7, which gives us a 7-7-7 code.
You may not see this clearly now, but you will understand after you have read chapter 7 of my book.
Verse# 7 of the Hebrew text has these qualities:
The number of words = 17 “seven” επτα (r).
• The number of letters = 65 “seven” (E o).
• The number of words & letters added = 82 = mirror of Triangle number 7.
• The total value (numerical value of all words added)  = 4541 = Prime(9) x Prime(53) — 9×53 = 400 + 77.
• In the reduced version of this verse we see that
the first word has the value of 17 “seven” επτα (r).
• In the reduced version of this verse we see that 7 is the value of the last word ordered at 17 “seven” επτα (r).
7 is the reduced value of “reward” שכר, and we see the first, last & center words added of this verse = 1304 “reward”/”gift” במתת (Fs).

Here are some points on number 7.
7 is the number of days in one week. 
7 is the day of the week where the sabbath occurs.
• The ancient Israelites had a sabbatical year every 7th year
7 is the number of colors in the rainbow
7 is the number of oceans on Earth.
7 is the number of planets in our solar system that we can observe with the naked eye.
• There are 7 seals being opened, 7 angels with trumpets & 7 angels with vials that represent 3 x 7 (7-7-7) punishments from God mentioned in Revelation.
The 7th element of the Periodic Table of Elements is Nitrogen. And this element has 5 electrons in its outer shell. 5 = prime order of 7
• The number of natural elements in the Periodic Table of Elements (98) can be divided by 7.
• The only pair of numbers that you can add 1 to one of them, or remove 1 to one of them so it either becomes equal or twice as much are the numbers 5 & 7.
• Light can travel almost 7 and a half times around the earth in 1 second.
• Number 7 was considered the most important number by the ancient Israelites. And of course, I myself do not do that because I know the most important number is 777.

7 = Pri(5 = PP-o(37 “inverse Alpha” (H Sr)) = “e”) = Happy.Pri-o(79 “Pi” (E s)) = Happy-o(28 = Tri(7 = Pri(5 “φ” (r))))
crown כתר (rr) — reward שכר (r) — The/or ο (r) — The/or η (o)
heart/midst לבב (r) — Son בן (r) Said אמר (r) give הב yahab [Pro 30:15]

 Fish דג dag — Device בדא bada — Gad גד (one of the Tribes of Israel, which means fortune or good fortune) — Sorrow דאב — Perish אבד abad
set/lay/put/regard שית (rr)

Meaning of number 7

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