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Meaning of Number 73 — Wisdom

Ezra 2:36
The priests: the children of Jedaiah, of the house of Jeshua, nine hundred seventy and three.
Exodus 31:3
And I have filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, and in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship,

The meaning of number 73 is seen when we look at the standard value of the Hebrew spelling of “wisdom” חכמה, it hits the value of 73.
here are some points about number 73:
• The total value of Genesis 1:1 is equal to triangle number 73 (2701), and the Hebrew spelling of “triangle” משולש has the ordinal value of 73!
• 73 is a prime number ordered at (22 = 1 “α” (o) + 21 “φ” (o)). Since this number is the mirror of 37, which again is a code number for 777.
• And that is true wisdom because we also see number 73 is the reduced value of “seven hundred and twenty nine” επτακοσια και εικοσι εννεα & “one thousand six hundred and eighteen” χιλια εξακοσια και δεκαοκτω.

  729 (α) – – – 1618 (φ) [the fine-structure constant and the golden ratio]
• Number 73 is the reverse ordinal value of “the Word” ο λογος.
“Perfect” in English has a reduced value of 37 & the ordinal value of 73.
• Verse number 40 “Bible codes” (Eng red) is the first verse with a word that has a value of 73 “of wisdom” חכמה.
• The order of this word in Vs(40) is 13 = prime order of 37 (mirror of number 73).
• The center word in ordinal Vs(416 “riddles” αινιγματα) has the value of 73 “of wisdom” חכמה.
23 “riddles” חידות (red) = number of words in Vs(73 “of wisdom” חכמה).
92 “riddles of” (Eng ord) = number of letters in Vs(73 “of wisdom” חכמה).
• Number 73 is a prime number ordered at (22 = 2 “in” ב with extended digit = number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet).
73 “wisdom” חכמה is a Pythagorean prime number ordered at (9 “and” δε = “knowledge” דעת (rev red)).

The codes above show us without a doubt that 73 is mainly used for “wisdom” חכמה. God really likes his riddles of wisdom.
So, the fact that the prime order of number 73 connects to the ordinal value of the letters Alpha (α) & Phi (φ) added, is because this number is the mirror of number 37. 

73 = seek/Desire בעא be`a’ (Aramaic) — (of) wisdom חכמה chokmah [Exo 28:3] — of God του Θεου (ro) — Embalm חנוט chanat
Folding גליל galiyl — Triangle משולש (o) — The God of riddles חידה אלהי — To Trust/Take Refuge חסה — Directly הגינה hagiyn — Galilee גליל Galiyl
the heaven השמים (So) Wean/reward/Bestowed גמל gamal — Alpha and Phi Αλφα δε Φι (o) — the galaxy ο γαλαξίας (o) — gift/offering δωρον (o)

praise επαινεω (o) — light and Darkness וחשך אור (o) —  The riddle(s) of God אלהים החידה (o)
 seven hundred and twenty nine επτακοσια και εικοσι εννεα (r) — one thousand six hundred and eighteen χιλια εξακοσια και δεκαοκτω (r)
 one thousand six hundred eighteen אלף שש מאות שמונה עשרה (r)
the constants of physics οι σταθερες της φυσικης (r) — In the beginning Alpha and the speed of light מהירות האור ואת אלפא בראשית (r)
The Ark of God and the Ten Commandments  עשרת הדברים ארון אלהים ואת (r) — Father πατρος (Fr) — Proton פרוטון (Fr)
 quantum physics קוונטית פיזיקה (rr)
Golden codes χρυσοι κωδικοι (rr) — Alpha, e, Pi, Phi Αλφα, Εψιλον, Πι, Φι (rr) — Golden seven seven seven codes קודים שבע שבע שבע זהב (rr)
created Alpha אלפא ברא (Fr) — light/the light φωτος (Fr) — Alpha riddle Αλφα αινιγμα (rr) — the wisdom σοφιαν (rr) — the Word ο λογος (ro)
(the) Mind/(with the) understanding /Reason νους (rs)

meaning of number 73

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